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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Acceleware Accelerates Matrix Computation up to 20 Times

Calgary, Canada based Acceleware develops and markets acceleration products that bring performance and speed to today's most strenuous and challenging computational and/or data-intensive demands.With Acceleware's products, reduction in run times for data processing and simulation applications by more than 35 times has been observed.

The company's Accelerator™ Board and ClusterInABox™ Workstation solutions deliver a competitive advantage for companies where compute and data-intensive applications are central to the performance of product development cycles by radically enhancing the ability to effectively interpret vast amounts of data. The company's target markets include names in mainly following industries : electromagnetic, energy, biomedical, pharmaceuticals, industrial, and military.

Last Week, Acceleware has announced the acceleration of matrix equation solvers found in simulation and data processing software commonly used for scientific and industrial applications.

These new methods significantly extend the problem solving capability of the Acceleware Platform, allowing a broad new range of application providers the opportunity to deliver the compelling performance of multi-core and hardware accelerators to their technical computing customers. With matrix methods added into the Acceleware Platform, end users of these advanced techniques can benefit by solving their linear equation problems up to 20 times faster.

‘The technical computing market has experienced explosive growth over the past four years at 20% a year, and is expected to continue in a high growth mode. Users running multi-physic codes, electromagnetic, mechanical, fluid dynamics, EDA and oil/gas codes are driving this growth and require major speed-ups on their applications to gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, processors and systems are becoming more complex, making it harder to obtain the required speed-ups. Linear solvers are used ubiquitously in scientific and industry applications, simulation, and data processing, so speed-ups in this area directly helps end users, providing faster time-to-market and increased scientific insights,’ said Earl C Joseph, program vice president of HPC at IDC.

Acceleware’s matrix equation solver technology will be applicable for users of various electronic design automation, mechanical, fluid dynamics, microwave, photonics, signal integrity/power integrity tools and integrated circuit software tools, significantly reducing the simulation time in their design flow. This allows semiconductor, wireless handset, and consumer and industrial product manufacturers to bring higher-performance, feature-rich products to market sooner, giving them a competitive edge and transforming the way they solve problems. Oil and gas companies also use matrix methods to solve larger, more complicated reservoir simulations and to help pin-point new oil reserves faster, and with higher resolution.

By developing this matrix equation solver technology, which is based on Nvidia's CUDA C-language development environment, the reach of the Acceleware Platform extends into new markets, adding incremental value to existing users of Acceleware solutions. Acceleware’s latest capability speeds up large, sparse linear equation computational algorithms by up to 20 times.

For more information, visit Acceleware webpage for its products.


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