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Saturday, September 17, 2005


David Auburn's play Proof, as everyone
associated with mathematics must know
by now, has been an enormous success
on Broadway. Proof won the Tony and
Pulitzer in 2001 and went on to become
the new millennium's blockbuster. Now
it's a film directed by John Madden, the
celebrated director of another great
movie: 'Shakespeare in Love'. It released
yesterday and won hearts of serious movie
-goers. The screenplay was written by
David Auburn and Rebecca Miller. (Here
is its official site: www.proof-movie.com)

The storyine of 'Proof' follows a devoted
daughter (Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow) who
comes to terms with the death of her
father(Anthony Hopkins) - a brilliant
mathematician whose genius was crippled
by mental instanity- and is forced to face
her ownlong-harbored fears and emotions.
She adjusts to his death with the help of
one of her father's former mathematical
students (Jake Gyllenhaal) who searches
through her father's notebooks in the hope of discovering a bit of his old brilliance.
While coming to terms with the possibility that his genius, which she was inherited,
may come at a painful price, herestranged sister (Hope Davis) arrives to help settle
their father's affairs.

It is a compelling story of an enigmatic young woman haunted by her father’s past
and the shadow of her own future, exploring the links between genius and madness,
the tender relationships between fathers and daughters and the nature of truth and
family. As Catherine confronts Hal’s affections and Claire’s overbearing plans for her
life, she struggles to solve the most perplexing problem of all: How much of her
father’s madness – or genius – will she inherit?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Advanced... with Maple

Maplesoft, the leading provider of high-performance software tools for
engineering, science and mathematics, announced today the availability of
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple, the definitive reference
software and textbook for engineering mathematics. Advanced Engineering
Mathematics is a classic series featuring several books from multiple
publishers all under the same title. This Maplesoft release is the first
electronic, interactive version.

It is an essential resource for every engineering professional, student and
instructor and provides complete coverage of all major areas of engineering
mathematics. Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple features 9
major subject areas, 48 chapters and 273 section topics. The e-book
includes modifiable examples and interactive graphs throughout. The text
provides a logical arrangement of topics with many short self-contained
sections for easy, direct access. Concepts are stated and explained clearly
before, rather than after, the mechanical calculation techniques are
introduced, resulting in quicker comprehension of the important ideas. It
includes many real-world applications of interest to engineers selected
from a wide spectrum of physical and mathematical disciplines. The e-book
features more than 7000 exercises, including section exercises and chapter
review questions. Answers are provided to selected exercises.

The author, Dr. Robert J. Lopez, is a renowned professor and Maple expert,
who pioneered the instructional use of Maple for general and engineering
mathematics. Currently he is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. He is an
award winning educator in engineering mathematics and is the author of
several books including Advanced Engineering Mathematics
(Addison-Wesley 2001).