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Friday, January 26, 2007

Fractint: The Fractal Generator

Fractint is a popular freeware fractal generator. It is probably the most versatile, extensive and well-established fractal program readily available to enthusiasts who wish to roam inside the beautiful world of fractals, although many users consider it to be an art toy rather than a serious mathematical tool.

Fractint plots and manipulates images of "objects" -- actually, sets of mathematical points -- that have fractal dimension. Its originators were members of the Stone Soup Group. The group derives its name from an Eastern European folklore in which a peddler persuades startving villagers to share pieces of hoarded food to augment his 'stone soup' until all of them have a nourishing meal to share. In a similar way, the four original contributors developed Fractint by integrating by taking help and codes from other users.

You will get download-links to all versions of Fractint (and many other related useful links) by clicking here. If you wish to read a detailed introduction or to know more about the authors, click on this: Introduction .


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